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Oktober 1997



Here is the first extensive examination of the impact of the Great Migration--the movement from South to North and from country to city by hundreds of thousands of African Americans following World War I--on the American religious landscape. BOUND FOR THE PROMISED LAND sheds new light on various components of the development of black religion, including philanthropic endeavors to "modernize" the southern black rural church. 368 pp. .


Milton C. Sernett is Professor of African American studies at Syracuse University. He is the author of" African-American Religious History: A Documentary Witnes"s, also published by Duke University Press.


"Sernett makes a persuasive argument for moving beyond an understanding of the Great Migration as a subfield of urban studies, concerned exclusively with issues of race and class, ghetto formation, and labor issues. The reader is reminded of the significant but often ignored impact of the Great Migration on culture and cultural institutions in the African-American context." - Lewis V. Baldwin, Vanderbilt University "This work... synthesizes important material that scholars of African American religious studies need in book form." - Dennis C. Dickerson
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