Strange Gourmets

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September 1997



Though commonly thought of as a kind of worldliness at its best and an elitist snobbery at its worst, sophistication, Joseph Litvak reminds us, remains tied to its earlier, if forgotten, meaning of "perversion"--which encompassed homosexuality and intellectualism. Litvak's strategy is to reveal culture as a contest of sophistications in which the winners are often those who best disguise their sophistication. 208 pp.


Joseph Litvak is Professor of English at Bowdoin College.


"Litvak has taken taste out of the closet and shows us why so many - especially those who consider themselves to be centered in cultural studies - do not like the taste of taste. This book is as smart as it is strangely delicious." Carol Mavor, author of Pleasures Taken
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Untertitel: Sophistication, Theory and the Novel. 'Series Q'. Sprache: Englisch.
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