Lessons of Romanticism - PB

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April 1998



Explores how the Romantic period gave birth to a seductive cognitive cultural program that retains far reaching implications for contemporary views on individuality and relationships between the individual and larger groups of identification. Established


Contents Thomas Pfau / Introduction.Reading beyond Redemption: Historicism, Irony, and the Lessons of Romantacism Carieties of Bildung in European RO and Beyond Marc Redfield / RO, Bildung, and the Literary Absolute Nancy L. Rosenblum / The Inhibitions of Democracy on Romantic Political Thought@ Thoreau's Democratic Individualism Karen A. Weisman / Between Irony and Radicalism: The Other Way of a Romantic Education Regina Hewitt / Friendly Instruction: Coleridge and the Discipline of Sociology David S. Ferris / Keats and the Aesthetics of Critical Knowledge; or, the Ideology of Studying RO at the Present Time Marlon B. Ross / Reading Habits: Scenes of Romantic Miseducation and the Challenge of Eco-Literacy Therese M. Kelley / Postmodernism, RO , and John Clare Images and Institutions of Cultural Literacy in RO Joseph Viscomi / The Lessons of Swedenborg; or, The Origins of William Blake's Marriage of Heaven and Hell H. J. Jackson / Coleridge's Lessons in Transition: The "Logic" of the "Wildest Odes" Maynard Solomon / Some Romantic Images of Beethoven Nanora Sweet / "Lorenzo's" Liverpool and "Corinne's" Coppet: the Italianate Salon and Romantic Education Jill Heydt-Stevenson / Liberty, Connection, and Tyranny: The Novels of Jane Austen and the Aesthetic Movement of the Picturesque C. S. Matheson / The Royal Academy and the Annual Exhinition of the Viewing Public Joel Faflak / Romantic Psychoanalysis: Keats, Identity, and "(the Fall of) Hyperion" Richard G. Swartz / "Their Terrors came upn me tenfold": Literacy and Ghosts in John Clare's Autobiography Gender, Sexuality, and the (Un)Romantic Canon Susan J. Wolfson / A Lesson in RO: Gendering the Soul William Galperin / What Happens when Jane Austen and Francis Burney Enter the Romantic Canon? Mirand J. Burgess / Domesticating Gothic: Jane Austen, Ann Radcliffe, and National Romance Adela Pinch / Learning what Hurts: RO, Pedagogy, Violence Steven Bruhm / Reforming Byron's Narcissm Greg Kucich / "This Horrid Theatre of Suffering": Genderieng the Stages of History and Catherine Macaulay and Percy Bysshe Shelley


Thomas Pfau is Associate Professor of English at Duke University.Robert F. Gleckner is Professor of English at Duke University.


"A richly rewarding and important body of work. This wide-ranging volume brings together the sophisticated and differing voices of contemporary critics as they seek to recover the densely particularized cultural work of Romanticism."--Jeffrey N. Cox, Texas A&M University
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