Health Communication: Strategies for Health Professionals

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Juli 1997



All nursing and Allied Health students.
This third edition delivers up-to-date, fact-based research and theoretical information in easy-to-understand, practical terms. Written by experienced professionals in the fields of nursing and communication, this unique text helps nurses and other health care professionals improve their personal communication style and master one of the most important aspects of health care - effective communication with the patient.


1. An Introduction to Health Communication. Definitions of Communication. Basic Assumptions about Human Communication. Selected Models of Communication. Selected Health-Related Models. A Model of Health Communication. Summary. 2. Communication Variables in Health Care. Empathy. Control. Trust. Self-Disclosure. Confirmation. Summary. 3. Communication in Health Care Relationships. Professional-Patient Relationships. Professional-Professional Relationships. Professional-Family Relationships. Patient-Family Relationships. Summary. 4. Nonverbal Communication in Health Care Settings. The Importance of Nonverbal Communication in Health Care. The Nature of Nonverbal Communication. Dimensions of Nonverbal Communication. Summary. 5. Interviewing in the Health Care Context. Interviewing Defined. Types of Interviews in Health Care Settings. Phases in the Interview Process. Communication Techniques in Interviews. Summary. 6. Small Group Communication in Health Care. Definition of Small Group Communication. Types of Health Care Groups. Components of Small Groups. Phases of Small Groups. Summary. 7. Conflict and Communication in Health Care Settings. Conflict Defined. Kinds of Conflict. Theoretical Approaches to Conflict. Styles of Approaching Conflict. Communication Approaches for Conflict Resolution. Summary. 8. Ethics and Health Communication. Dimensions of Biomedical Ethics. Informed Consent: A Communication Issue. Honesty and Truth Telling: A Communication Responsibility. Ethics Committees: The Process of Ethical Decision Making. Summary. 9. Intercultural Communication and Health Care. Intercultural Communication Defined. Related Concepts. Two Major Characteristics of Culture. Elements in Intercultural Communication. Ways to Promote Effective Intercultural Communication. Summary.
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