Signaling in ATM Networks

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September 1997



Here's a single, comprehensive reference that describes current ATM signaling standards in a form that is both easy to read and understand. This unique resources details ATM signaling and discusses why, when, and how to use each signaling feature. It covers UNI 3.1, UNI 4.0, and P-NNI signaling, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint signaling and ABR traffic signaling and negotiation.


Signaling: A Historical Perspective. What Is Signaling? How Is Signaling Used in Different Protocols? ATM Interfaces -- An End-to-End Communication. Point-to-Point Signaling: Q.2931. ATM Forum UNI 4.0 Features. Point-to-Multipoint Signaling: ITU-T Point-to-Multipoint Signaling. ATM Forum UNI 4.0 Capabilities. Leaf Initiated Join. Anycast Capability. Signaling Support for ATM Transfer Capabilities: An Overview of ATM Traffic Management Framework. Signaling Support for Statistical Bit Rate Transfer (SBR) Capability. Signaling Support for Available Bit Rate Service (ABR) Transfer Capability. Signaling Support for ATM Block Transfer (ABT) Transfer Capability. Supplementary Services: Various Supplementary Services Defined for B-ISDN. Signaling Support Developed To Support These Services. Interworking: Frame Relay. ISDN. ATM Forum P-NNI Signaling: An Overview of ATM Forum P-NNI Architecture. An Overview of P-NNI Routing. P-NNI Signaling. How Does It Get Together? Basic ATM Connection Establishment. Case Studies -- Interworking between ATM Forum and ITU UNI Signaling.


Dr. Raif O. Onvural is vice president of ATM systems development for Allied Telesyn International in Morrisville, North Carolina. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from North Carolina State University, and is the author of Asynchronous Transfer Mode Networks: Performance Issues, Second Edition and several published articles. Dr. Onvural has also organized international conferences on high-speed networks. Rao Cherukuri is a senior engineer for IBM in Research Triangle Park. He has achieved high visibility in the standards arena, having contributed to the development of user-to-network protocols for ISDN, frame relay, and ATM.
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