Texas Red River Country: The Official Surveys of the Headwaters, 1876

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Juni 1998



In May, 1876, a party of army engineers, teamsters, and a civilian draftsman with a military escort departed from Fort Elliott in the Texas Panhandle to explore the headwaters of the Red River. This compilation of their reports has been available only to a limited audience, and this revised version includes the survey party's ornithological report and a new introduction, which focuses on the reports as environmental history.First Lieutenant Ernest Howard Ruffner, accompanied by a large military escort and civilian scouts, conducted a stadia line survey from Fort Elliott to the canyon now known as the Palo Duro, then on to the river's main head at Tierra Blanca and Palo Duro Creeks. The exploration took some six weeks and included surveys of the area's elevations (calculated from barometric pressures); botany, entomology, and geology; topographic sketches of the smaller steams and side canyons; and an inventory of freshwater sources in the region. Seventeen detailed maps recorded the party's route and the country through which it passed.Among the surveying party was a civilian draftsman, Adolph Hunnius, who kept a diary detailing the daily activities of the expedition.In 1985 T. Lindsay Baker edited the diary and report and published them as a special issue of the Panhandle-Plains Historical Review. Baker later found the survey party's ornithological report, written by Charles A. H. McCauley, and published it in 1988 as an article in the same journal.


T. Lindsay Baker is a well-known historian of Texas and the West. Now serving as director of the Texas Heritage Museum at Hill College, Hillsboro, he holds a Ph.D. in history from Texas Tech University. He has published numerous books and articles, including" Till Freedom Cried Out" (edited with Julie Baker) and "Building the Lone Star."
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