Readings in American Indian Law

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Introduces selected topics in federal Indian law. This title covers issues of identity and tribal recognition; reparations for historic harms; the valuation of land in land claims; the return to tribal owners of human remains, sacred items, and cultural property; and, tribal governance and issues of gender and religious freedom.


Preface and Acknowledgments Part I: Identity and Organized Indian Life Editor's Introduction 1. Identity in Mashpee -- James Clifford 2. Mashpee: The Story of Cape Cod's Indian Town -- Francis G. Hutchins 3. The Mashpee Indians: Tribe on Trial -- Jack Campisi 4. Identity as Idiom: Mashpee Reconsidered -- Jo Carrillo Part II: Land Claims/Reparations Editor's Introduction 5. Fort Sill Apache Tribe of State of Oklahoma v. United States 6. General Indian Title -- Felix S. Cohen 7. Original Indian Title (Revisited) -- Wilcomb E. Washburn 8. Indian Claims in the Courts of the Conqueror -- Neil Jessup Newton 9. Epilogue -- Nancy Oestreich Lurie 10. The Creation of a 'Court of Indian Affairs' -- Vine Deloria Jr. 11. Imagining the Reservation -- Sherman Alexie Part III: Constitutive Incommensurables: Land, Culture, and History Editor's Introduction 12. A Song from Sacred Mountain: Lakota-Dakota and Cheyenne Interviews 13. Who Owns the West? -- William Kittredge 14. Legally Mediated Identity: The National Environmental Policy Act and the Bureaucratic Construction of Interests -- Wendy Espeland 15. Essays on Environmental Justice: Large Binocular Telescopes, Red Squirrel Pinatas, and Apache Sacred Mountains: Decolonizing Environmental Law in a Multicultural World -- Robert A. Williams, Jr. 16. Revision and Reversion -- Vine Deloria, Jr. Part IV: The Repatriation of Cultural Property Editor's Introduction 17. A Brief Historical Survey of the Expropriation of American Indian Remains -- Robert E. Bieder 18. Give Me My Father's Body -- Kenn Harper 19. The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act: Background and Legislative History -- Jack F. Trope and Walter R. Echo-Hawk 20. Congressional Hearings 21. Implementing the National Policy of Understanding, Preserving, and Safeguarding the Heritage of Indian Peoples and Native Hawaiians: Human Rights, Sacred Objects, and Cultural Patrimony -- Rennard Strickland Part V: Tribal Governance/Gender Editor's Introduction 22. Native American Women -- Rayna Green 23. Gender or Ethnicity: What makes a Difference? A Study of Women Tribal Leaders -- Melanie McCoy 24. Mankiller: A Chief and Her People -- Wilma Mankiller and Michael Wallis 25. Whose Culture? A Case Note on Martinez v. Santa Clara Pueblo -- Catharine A. MacKinnon 26. The Legal Rights of American Indian Women -- Genevieve Chato and Christine Conte 27. Domestic Violence and Tribal Protection of Indigenous Women in the United States -- Gloria Valencia-Weber and Christine P. Zuni Part VI: Religious Expression Editor's Introduction 28. The Peyote Religion: A Narrative Account -- Silvester J. Brito 29. Other Studies (of Sacred Places): What They Did and How They Did It -- Klara Bonsack Kelley and Harris Francis 30. Zuni v. Platt Hank Meshorer, The Sacred Trail to Zuni Heaven: A Study in the Law of Prescriptive Easements 31. Achieving True Interpretation -- Edmund J. Ladd Books Cited About the Contributors Index
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