Ecofeminism as Politics

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November 1997



This book explores the philosophical and political challenge of ecofeminism. It shows how the ecology movement has been held back by conceptual confusion over the implications of gender difference, while much that passes in the name of feminism is actually an obstacle to ecological change and global democracy. The author argues that ecofeminism reaches beyond contemporary social movements being a political synthesis of four revolutions in one: ecology is feminism is socialism is post-colonial struggle.
Informed by a critical postmodern reading of the Marxist tradition, Salleh's ecofeminism integrates discourses on science, the body, culture, nature, political economy. The book opens with a short history of the ecofeminism. Part two establishes the basis for its epistemological challenge while the third part consists of ecofeminist deconstructions of deep ecology, social ecology, eco-socialism and postmodern feminism. In the final section, Salleh suggests that a powerful way forward can be found in commonalities between ecofeminist and indigenous struggles.


Part 1 Women and ecopolitics: ecological crisis reframes history; ecofeminist actions; ecofeminist ideas. Part 2 Ecofeminism as epistemology: man/woman-nature; body as logic - 1/0 as culture; the nature-woman-labour nexus; the discourse of Marx. Part 3 The anorexic text of postmodern feminism: deep ecology as neopatriarchal reason; ecosocialism - living the deepest contradiction; social ecology - is the political personal? Part 4 An embodied materialism: the pleasures of enduring time.


'In a fiesty attack on the view of feminism and environmentalism as single issue, postmodern, disconnected movements, Ariel Salleh convincingly argues that ecofeminist politics will be the strongest force in the world against environmental depredation, economic exploitation and cultural globalisation...Salleh develops her arguments at several levels of analysis and with a wealth of empirical material.' - Juan Martinez-Alier
'I place Ariel Salleh's scholarship in the front rank with work of other socialist ecofeminists such as Vandana Shiva or ecofeminists generally like Rosemary Ruether and Susan Griffin' - Max Oelschlaeger
'A theoretically challenging book which contains a wealth of empirical evidence.' - "Futures"
'Passionately written, well researched and sweeping in its theoretical scope. In particular, Salleh's integration of Marxist theory pushes some of the intellectual boundaries of ecofeminism ...there is something refreshing about Salleh's inclusionary politics' - "Women's Review of Books"
'A significant work... an important contribution to ecofeminist discourse.' -" Economic and Political Weekl"
'A nascent political economy... a unique and powerful explanatory position' - John Barry, "Environmental Politics"
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