From Peasant to Petersburger

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Economakis analyses the processes of proletarianization and urbanization undergone by St. Petersburg's industrial working class from its inception in the early nineteenth century up until 1914. Attention is given to the severing of workers' ties to the village and the land. The book examines local conditions in sending areas and traces the history of factory work in St. Petersburg by workers from different provinces. Economakis finds that a majority of the factory workforce was objectively proletarianized by 1914.


Preface Acknowledgements Introduction A Forgotten Source: The Census of 1864 The Sending Areas: Basic Characteristics of Early Labour Migration to St. Petersburg Peasant well-being in the Sending Areas Severing of Ties to the Land Urbanisation in St. Petersburg Conclusion Notes Appendix I Appendix II Bibliography Index


EVEL G. ECONOMAKIS is editor of a local newspaper in St Petersburg, Russia. He received his PhD in Russian history at Columbia University. He has taught at Boston University, the University of Toronto and Concordia University in Montreal. His articles have appeared in The Slavic Review, The Russian Review, The Slavonic and East European Review, The Journal of Family History and in Severo-Zapad V Agrarnoi Istorii Rossii.

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