In Black and White: Race and Sports in America

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November 1998



A study of racism in American sport which offers solutions for bringing more minorities into coaching and administration. The author also wrote "The Sports Franchise Game" and "Agents of Opportunity: Sports Agents and Corruption in Collegiate Sports".


"A prominent sports-law specialist sends down an indictment of racism in sports that is impossible to ignore. Anyone desiring to be informed about race issues and sports should read it." --Kirkus Review "This is not merely a screed on sports' lagging track record in combating racism. Shropshire provides workable solutions for bringing more minorities into the coaching and business ends of athletics." --USA Today Baseball Weekly "A new standard of excellence in writing about sports in America begins with this book. Shropshire has approached his task with unique skill, passion, seriousness, and intelligence." --Houston A. Baker, Jr., University of Pennsylvania "In Black and White hits harder than Lawrence Taylor. A how-to manual not only for sports but society as well. It should be required reading for every incoming freshman." --James Lofton, former NFL All Pro, NBC Broadcaster
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