The Wounded Stag

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Januar 1998



William Johnston writes that the Christian mystic is one who lives in the Christ-mystery and is transformed by it.Making the distinction between Christian mysticism and other mystic experiences, Johnston locates Christian mysticism in the Scriptures-in meditation on the Word of God. For God who spoke of old interruptedly converses with the Bride of His beloved Son; and the Holy Spirit. . . leads unto all truth those who believe and makes the word of God dwell abundantly in them.The Wounded Stag examines the Old and New Testaments, the Christian mystical tradition, the Eucharist and mystical prayer, and explains how these can lead to the resolution of the conflicts within our hearts. Without inner peace, Johnston offers, we cannot hope for peace in our world. As it discusses the social implications of Christian mysticism, Johnston's book carries this very important message for our world today.


William Johnston S.J., an Irish priest who teaches at Sophia University in Tokyo, is the author of many acclaimed books, including, from Fordham University Press, Christian Zen: A Way of Meditation, Being in Love: The Practice of Christian Prayer, and Silent Music: The Science of Meditation.


aDraws on sacred scripture and the writings of John of the Cross and other Christian mystics to indicate how one who practices Christian meditation, engaging with the Christ-ministry, is transformed by it.a
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