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Ourika is the story of an African girl growing up in France: based on a true story, it was a runaway bestseller following its first publication in Paris in 1823. It is now seen as a novel of exceptional psychological penetration and intercultural interest, anticipating Fanon in several ways. Race, class and the role of women in society are key issues it raises. Ourika is acknowledged by John Fowles to have inspired his novel The French Lieutenant's Woman. This is a corrected and updated reprint of the 1998 second edition of this text, first published by University of Exeter Press in 1993 in the series Exeter French Texts/Textes litteraires. It is one of the most consistently successful volumes in the series, frequently used as a teaching text on university and other courses.


Frontispice: Portrait d'Ourika par Sophie de Tott, ii; Preface: Peau noire, masque blanc, vii; Note technique, xii; Table des illustrations, xiii; Cahier iconographique, xv; Portrait de Mme de Duras par le baron Gerard, xv; Portrait de Mme de Duras par Mlle Jaser, xvi; Portrait anonyme de Mme de Beauvau, xvii; Fragments d'un arbre genealogique relatif a Ourika, xviii; Salon de la marechale-princesse de Beauvau, xix; Brouillon manuscrit d'Ourika, fol.35r, xx; Brouillon manuscrit d'Ourika, fol.36r, xxi; Page de couverture de la premiere edition d'Ourika, 1823, xxii; Portrait anonyme d'Ourika, xxiii; Gravure d'apres un tableau du baron Gerard: "Ourika raconte... ses malheurs.", xxiv; OURIKA, 1; Madame de Duras et Ourika, 31; L'auteur, 33; Le cadre, 47; La question noire, 60; La narration, 70; Interpretations feministes, 91; L'impact, 96; Annexes, 107; A. Commentaire sur le frontispice, 109; B. "Ourika, elegie", de Delphine Gay, 111; C. "Ourika: stances elegiaques", de Mme P. V. de L. B... (Pierre-Ange Vieillard?), 113; D. "Ourika l'Africaine", de Gaspard de Pons, 116; E. Extrait de la Tragedie du roi Christophe, d'Aime Cesaire avec "Ourika, romance", d'Ulric Guttinguer, 119; Bibliographie selective, 123; Table des matieres, 133.


Roger Little was Professor of French (1776) at Trinity College Dublin until his retirement in 1998. He has an outstanding record of scholarship in French and francophone writing, with particular interests in sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. His academic work has mainly concentrated on modern French poetry and the representation of Blacks in Francographic literature. He has edited several volumes of Textes litteraires for University of Exeter Press. The French government has conferred upon him the rank of Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Merite and he has been awarded the Prix de l'Academie francaise: medaille de vermeil du rayonnement de la langue francaise.


"Professor Little''s thorough edition of this ''minor masterpiece'' (John Fowles) provides a valuable guide to the author, the work''s role in the slavery debate, its stylistic skill, a cautious treatment of feminist readings, and a sense of its general value as a study of an alienated individual." -French Studies
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