The Origins of the Old Rus' Weights and Monetary Systems: Two Studies in Western Eurasian Metrology and Numismatics in the Seventh to Eleventh Centuri

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August 1998



In this sweeping and synthesizing work Professor Omeljan Pritsak charts the influence of Western European, Arabic, Khazaro-Bulgarian, and, later, Byzantine metrological and numismatic systems on the development of these systems in Kyivan Rus'. Beginning with a survey of the weights and monetary systems extant in Eurasia in the 7th to 11th centuries, Pritsak goes on to solve many of the fundamental problems that have existed for over a century in the study of Old Rus' metrology and numismatics. Many of Pritsak's conclusions challenge conventional theories in this field. Students of the history of Rus' and numismatists in general will find this to be the most thoroughly researched and documented English-language study of the subject to date.


Facts, figures and fonts abound, but do not be put off. For dedicated historians and numismatists it is well worth the effort.--D. L. F. Sealy "Slavic and East European Review [UK] "
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