Practical Math for the Technician: The Basics

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November 1990



First semester math for Electronics students, Applied Science, or Learning Assistance.
Oriented towards the returning student, this book eliminate math anxiety with simple yet precise explanations of basic math concepts as applied to fiels such as electronics, computers, construction and drafting. Practical examples demonstrate how to use the techniques in a particular discipline.


1. Signed Whole Numbers-Addition and Subtraction. 2. Signed Whole Numbers-Multiplication and Division. 3. Order of Operations-Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. 4. Signed Decimal Numbers-Addition, Subtration, Multiplication, Division. 5. Kirchoff's Laws. 6. Signed Fractions-Different Types. 7. Signed Fractions-Multiplication and Division. 8. Power in Watts-Figuring your Utility Bill. 9. Signed FRactions-Addition and Subtraction. 10. Conversion of FRactions to DEcimals to Fractions. 11. Magnitudess of Numbers-Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals. 12. Percentages-Tipping, Sales Tax, Range, Tolerance, Percent Difference. 13. Siginficant Digits and Rounding. 14. Powers of Ten. 15. Scientific Notation. 16. Prefixes. 17. Metric System. 18. Calculator Usage. 19. More Calculator usage. 20. Graphing. 21. Substituting Data into Formulas. 22. Electronics Applications. 23. Construction Applications. 24. Drafting Applications. 25. Number System for Computers. 26. Computer Applications. 27. Manipulating Equations. 28. Sets of Equations. 29. Solving Algebraic and Trig Equations. Index.
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