Communication in Family Relationships

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Dezember 1992



Arguing that modes of family functioning always include communication as a central enabling process, this text explores the theoretically-based research on family communication across the social sciences. KEY TOPICS: It presents important theoretical and research approaches to family communication - systems, social exchange, behaviorism, and symbolic interactionism. For counselors, social workers, and sociologists.


I. Centrality of Communication in the Family 1. Defining the Family and Communication 2. Models of Family Functioning II. Theory and Methods in the Study of the Family 3. Theoretical Perspectives on the Family 4. Research Methods in Family Communication III. Basic Family Processes 5. Affection and Intimacy 6. Conflict 7. Power and Control 8. Decision-Making IV. Communication in Family Subsystems 9. Communication and Marital Satisfaction 10. Communication in Different Types of Marriages 11. Communication Between Siblings V. Communication in Different Types of Families 13. Communication in Nontraditional Family Forms 14. Communication in Troubled Families 15. Communication in the Later Years VI. Seeking Help 16. Strengthening and Repairing the Family
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