Concepts of Ecology

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November 1995



This text explores the significant concepts of modern ecology using a minimum of jargon and only basic/simple mathematics. KEY TOPICS: Focuses on the development of four major concepts--including their historical background: energy flow; nutrient cycles; population ecology; and community ecology. Contains coverage of abiotic factors-- including air, insolation, precipitation, soils, nutrients, ionizing radiation, and fire; energy flow (with increased emphasis on decomposition); nutrient cycling; population ecology; and community ecology. Updates material on applied ecology/human ecology and ecological ethics.


I. ECOLOGY AND ECOSYSTEMS. 1. Ecology as a Science.
2. The Nature of Ecosystems.
II. THE ABIOTIC ENVIRONMENT. 3. Minimums, Tolerances and the Medium.
4. Insolation, Precipitation and Climate.
5. Soils, Nutrients and Other Factors.
III. ENERGY FLOW IN ECOSYSTEMS. 6. Energy Fixation by Autotrophs.
7. Energy Flow Beyond the Producers.
IV. BIOGEOCHEMICAL CYCLES AND ECOSYSTEMS. 8. Gaseous and Sedimentary Nutrient Cycles.
9. Nutrient Budgets and Ecosystems.
V. POPULATION ECOLOGY. 10. Population Growth and Structure.
11. Population Regulation.
VI. COMMUNITY ECOLOGY. 12. The Structure and Function of Communities.
13. Stability and Change in Communities.
VII. MAJOR ECOSYSTEMS OF THE WORLD. 14. Biomes, The Major Terrestrial Ecosystems.
15. Aquatic Ecosystems.
VIII. HUMAN ECOLOGY. 16. The Nature of Human Ecology.
17. The Human Population.
18. Anthropogenic Impact on Aquatic Ecosystems.
19. Anthropogenic Impact on Terrestrial Systems.
20. Anthropogenic Impact on the Atmosphere.
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