The Cambridge History of Latin American Literature

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September 1996



Volume 2 of a comprehensive history of Latin American literature: the only work of its kind.


List of contributors; General preface; Acknowledgments; Introduction to Volume 2; 1. Modernist poetry Cathy L. Jrade; 2. Modernist prose Anibal Gonzalez; 3. The Vanguardia and its implications Hugo J. Verani; 4. The literature of Indigenismo Rene Prieto; 5. Afro-Hispanic American literature Vera M. Kutzinski; 6. The criollista novel; 7. The novel of the Mexican revolution Carlos J. Alonso; 8. The Spanish American novel from 1950 to 1975 Randolph D. Pope; 9. The Spanish American novel: recent developments, 1975 to 1990 Gustavo Pellon; 10. Spanish American poetry, from 1922 to 1975 Jose Quiroga; 11. The modern essay in Spanish America Jose Miguel Oviedo; 12. Literary criticism in Spanish America Anibal Gonzalez; 13. The autobiographical narrative Sylvia Molloy; 14. The twentieth-century short story in Spanish America Daniel Balderston; 15. Spanish American theatre in the twentieth century Sandra M. Cypess; 16. Latin American (Hispanic Caribbean) literature written in the United States William Luis; 17. Chicano literature Luis Leal and Manuel M. Martin-Rodriguez; Index.


"...this exceptional three-volume history of Latin American Literature...surpasses its goal...Congatulations to contributors, editors, and publishers on what will become a classic in the field." F. Colecchia, Choice "This volume of the Cambridge History of Latin American Literature offers well-informed and thorough coverage of the twentieth century...The editors of this volume have organized a well-conceived and authoritative volume that any student or scholar of Latin American Literature will find extremely valuable. The depth and breadth of this book are remarkable." Raymond Leslie Williams, Revista de Estudios Hispanicos "Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria and Enrique Pupo-Walker have done a tremendous sesrvice to Latin American letters by editing The Cambridge History of Latin American Literature. This landmark work brings together critical essays addressing the major areas of the discipline by more than forty specialists of Spanish American and Brazilian literature. The Cambridge History of Latin American Literature is an outstanding reference work in both its scope and its depth, one that will define and enrich the work of researchers and teachers in the field for years to come." Edward Waters Hood, World Literature Today
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