Fundamentals of Aquatic Ecology

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April 1992



"Fundamentals of Aquatic Ecology" describes the fundamental features common to all aquatic systems, both marine and freshwater. This unique synthesis allows for the discussion of ecological processes comparatively, across environments. A general introduction is followed by discussion of various 'types' of aquatic ecosystems - open waters, coastal zones, benthos, and the aquatic ecosystem as a whole. This is followed by an important new chapter on aquatic ecosystems and global ecology. Later chapters consider the individuals and communities in aquatic ecosystems and then habitat types which are peculiar to them.


Contributors. Preface. Part 1: Introduction. 1. Organisms and Ecosystems (K.H. Mann). Part 2: Aquatic Ecosystems. 2. Ecology of Water columns (I . Valiela). 3. Ecology of Coastal Ecosystems (I. Valiela). 4. Ecology of Deep--Water Zones (B.T. Hargrave). 5. Lakes and Oceans as Functional Who9les (D.W. Schindler). 6. Aquatic Ecosystems and Global Ecology (D.W. Schindler). Part 3: Aquatic Individuals and Communities. 7. Community Organization in Marine and Freshwater Environments (C.R. Townsend). 8. Reproduction, Life Histories and Dispersal, (R.S.K. Barnes). 9. Speciation and Biogeography. (J.H.R. Gee). 10. Specialist Aquatic Feeding Mechanism (J.H.R. Gee). Part 4: Habitat Types Peculiar to Aquatic Systems. 11. Reefs (R.N. Hughes). 12. Streams and Rivers: One--Way Flow Systems (M.J. Winterbourn and C.R. Townsend). Part 5: Human Effects. 13. Impacts of Mana s Activities on Aquatic Systems (B.T. Hargrave). Index.
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