The Italian Resistance: An Anthology

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November 1997



"Italian Resistance Writing" is a collection of famous and rare archive texts about one of the more controversial periods in modern Italian history. The extracts are from a wide variety of different genres, including novels, memoirs, short stories, historical works and songs. Taking into account the significant changes in approach to, and interpretations of, the resistance movement, that have emerged since the early 1990s, Italian resistance writing includes works by, among others, Claudio Pauone, Italo Calvino, Gian Enrico Rusconi, Renata Vigano and Pietro Scoppola. Cooke places each work in context and stresses the contemporary significance of the Italian resistance. This is a vibrant, multifaceted volume which sheds light on the past while illuminating the present in Italian history, cultural studies and current affairs.


Resistance Glossary, Chronology, How to find out more about the Resistance, 1. 8 September 1943, 2. The three wars, 3. La scelta, 4. Partisans in action, 5. Violence, 6. The Resistance and the Allies, 7. 25 April and the liberation, Vocabulary


Philip Cooke is Lecturer in Italian Studies at the University of Strathclyde
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