Lessons and Legacies II: Teaching the Holocaust in a Changing World

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Mai 1998



In the years following the demise of the Third Reich, the task of Holocaust education fell predominantly to survivors. Now, as the generation of survivors passes along this responsibility, growing numbers of individuals and institutions are committed to Holocaust education. For those who did not endure the Holocaust, this task can be formidable: those who did not survive the Nazi horror cannot speak with the survivors' voice of experience. Thus educators may face indifference, or even denial, and must balance descriptions of shattering brutality and an inability to make sense of the unimaginable barbarism with the need to bring comprehension and understanding to students for whom the Holocaust is part of the "remote" past.Lessons and Legacies 2 focuses on these and on other matters unique to Holocaust education. Consisting of selected papers delivered at the second Lessons and Legacies conference in 1992, the volume is organized in three sections: Issues, Resources, and Applications. Taken individually, the essays speak directly to specific concerns surrounding Holocaust education: the growing maturity of the Holocaust as a field of study; the difficult and troubling issue of explaining the perpetrators' behavior; the process of decision-making within Jewish communities during the Holocaust; the issues of gender and family; the scope and content of survivor literature; the structure of courses and the implications of being an educator in this field. Taken as a whole, the volume speaks dramatically to the reciprocal and mutually reinforcing relationship between teaching and scholarship in this disturbing and important field.


Donald G. Schilling is professor of history at Denison Univeristy, where he regularly teaches a seminar on the Holocaust.
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