Opening Doors: Perspectives on Race Relations in Contemporary America

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Oktober 1994



"Opening Doors" describes the progress that has been made in this country in the relationships between and among the races since Governor George Wallace's "Stand in the Schoolhouse Door." The volume also sheds new light on our understanding of prejudice and discrimination and serves to broaden our current perspectives on the traditions, values, attitudes, and behavior patterns that contribute to and reflect these negative components of race relations. At the same time, by recounting historical issues associated with prejudice, racism, and discrimination, by offering current analyses of these concepts, and by suggesting strategies for effecting appropriate and meaningful change, "Opening Doors" leads to a clear understanding of the nature and extent of progress yet to be realized before we are able to engage in harmonious race relations and enjoy the benefits of a more just society.


Harry J. Knopke is Vice-President for Student Affairs and Professor of Behavioral and Community Medicine at The University of AlabamaRobert J. Norrell is Director of the Center for Southern History and Culture and Associate Professor of History at The University of AlabamaRonald W. Rogers is Assistant Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Psychology at The University of Alabama
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