Carbonate Mud-Mounds: Their Origin and Evolution (Special Publication 23 of the IAS)

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August 1995



This is the first book to investigate the structure, origin and evolution of carbonate mud-mounds. Mud-mounds are accumulations of biogenic carbonate sediment that are common in the geological record, and economically important as they host lead zinc mineralization and oil and gas. The book reviews, for the first time, the different mechanisms of mud-mound formation and examines in detail the major changes in mud-mound type and occurrence through geological time. The major part of the book contains case studies of mud-mounds from the Palaeozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic. The coverage is global and truly international, with 32 authors from 10 countries.
The first volume to deal with the structure, formation and evolution of mud-mounds.
Copiously illustrated, with nine colour plates.
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Introduction and OverviewsA review of the origin and evolution of carbonate mud-moundsThe rise and nature of carbonate mud-mounds: an introductory actualistic approachThe origin, biota and evolution of deep-water mud-mounds Palaeozoic Mud-MoundsShallow water stromatactis mud-mounds on a middle Ordovician foreland basin platform, western NewfoundlandSilurian microbial build-ups of the Canadian ArcticThe environmental setting of Early Carboniferous mud-moundsWaulsortian banksCarbonate mud-mounds in the Fort Payne Formation (lower Carboniferous), Cumberland Saddle region, Kentucky and Tennessee, USALate Dinantian (Brigantian) carbonate mud-mounds of the Derbyshire carbonate platform Mesozoic Mud-MoundsMud-mounds with reefal caps in the upper Muschelkalk (Triassic), eastern SpainInitiation and development of small-scale sponge mud-mounds, Late Jurassic, Southern Franconian Alb, GermanyAlbian carbonate mounds: comparative study in the context of sea-level variations (Soba, northern Spain)Nature and origin of late Cretaceous mud-mounds, North AfricaSedimentation, diagenesis and syntectonic erosion of Upper Cretaceous rudist mounds in central Tunisia Cenozoic Mud-MoundsAn Eocene biodetrital mud-mound from the southern Pyrenean foreland basin, Spain: an ancient analogue for Florida Bay mounds?Origin and growth of carbonate banks in south FloridaAnatomy of a Recent biodetrital mud-mound, Florida Bay, USAGrowth and burrow-transformation of carbonate banks: comparison of modern skeletal banks of south Florida and Pennsylvanian phylloid banks of south-eastern Kansas, USA Index
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