Middlemen of the Cameroons Rivers: The Duala and Their Hinterland, C.1600 C.1960

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A book about Duala "middlemen," intermediaries between Europeans and their own hinterland over three centuries.


1. Introduction; 2. From fishermen to middlemen: the Duala inland and on the coast in the formative period, c.1600-1830; 3. Hegemony without control: the Duala, Europeans and the littoral hinterland in the era of legitimate/free trade c.1830-84; 4. Mythic transformation and historical continuity: Duala middlemen and German colonial rule, 1884-1914; 5. Middlemen as ethnic elite: the Duala under Grench mandate rule, 1914-41; 6. Between colonialism and radical nationalism: middlemen in the era of decolonization, c.1941-c. 1960.


"With a sure hand, the authors analyze Duala trading history with reference to the historiography of the more important trading communities of southeastern Nigeria. Their coverage of economic, political, social, and cultural changes will be of interest to scholars of a number of disciplines." David Northup, Journal of Interdisciplinary History "...let us be grateful for their thorough history of the Duala which will not be superceded soon." Jan Vansina, American Historical Review
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