Tokugawa Political Writings

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An English edition of works by the great Japanese political thinker Ogyu Sorai.


Preface; Acknowledgements; Editor's introduction: interpreting the historicism of Ogyu Sorai; Principal events in the life of Ogyu Sorai; Biographical synopses; Guide to further reading; Glossary; Bendo: a discourse on the way Ogyu Sorai; Benmei I: the clarification of names (with addenda from Benmei II) Ogyu Sorai; Keizairoku Shui: addendum to 'On the political economy' Dazai Shundai; Index.


"The distinguishing feature of Najita's book is that it provides in convenient form readable English translations of two of Sorai's key works, A Discourse on the Way and The Clarification of Names, together with Addendum to 'On the Political Economy', by Sorai's disciple, Dazai Shundai. To those already knowledgeable in these fields, the book may be read with great profit." Theodore McNelly, Perspectives in Political Science "This pithy volume, edited by Tetsuo Najita of the University of Chicago, makes available to Western readers important writings on political theory by Ogyu Sorai (1666-1728)." Theodore Mc Nelly, Perspectives on Political Science "...[readers] should also be grateful that Najita has braved the challenge of making such extremely abstruse texts somewhat more accessible." John A. Tucker, Journal of Japanese Studies "This concise and appealing book presents a mayor [sic] reevaluation of Ogyn Sorai...Najita's study is a trenchment and elegant critique of Maruyama's thesis." Mark Ravina, Journal of Asian History
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