Origins of the European Legal Order

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This is a translation of Alle radici del mondo giuridico europeo published in Italy in 1994.


List of abbreviations; 1. The early Middle Ages: a comparative approach; 2. A historical and institutional profile of the Roman empire in the fourth and fifth centuries; 3. Excursus I: 'barbarians'; 4. Historical and institutional profiles of the 'new dominations'; 5. Excursus II: the days of the week; 6. Excursus III: Anglo-Saxon charters; 7. Consensus by assembly; 8. Excursus IV: authority and consensus in judicial decisions; 9. Public allegiance; 10. Excursus V: the Anglo-Saxon writ; 11. Private allegiance; 12. Open legal systems; 13. Excursus VI: textual 'coincidences' in documentary forms; Chronology of popes and sovereigns; Appendix of sources; Bibliography; Index.


'Cambridge University Press are to be congratulated on publishing a translation of a large-scale work of continental scholarship on the Middle Ages ... The Origins of the European Legal Order ... is full of fascinating detail, and is vigorously argued.' Medium Aevum
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