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This volume is a major survey of research on the indigenous peoples of South America.


18. Warfare, reorganization, and readaptation at the margins of Spanish rule: the Chaco and Paraguay (1573-1882) James Schofield Saeger; 19. Destruction, resistance and transformation: Southern, Coastal and Northern Brazil, 1580-1890 Robin M. Wright and Manuela Carneiro de Cunha; 20. Native peoples confront colonial regimes in Northeastern South America, c. 1500-1900 Neil L. Whitehead; 21. New peoples and new kinds of people: adaptation, readjustment, and ethnogenesis in South American indigenous societies (Colonial Era) Stuart B. Schwartz and Frank Salomon; 22. The 'Republic of Indians' in revolt (c. 1680-c. 1790) Luis Miguel Glave; 23. Andean highland peasants and the trials of nation-making during the nineteenth century Brooke Larson; 24. Indigenous peoples and the rise of independent nation-states in lowland South America Jonathan D. Hill; 25. Andean people in the twentieth century Xavier Albo; 26. Lowland peoples of the twentieth century David Maybury-Lewis.


'It is profoundly reassuring that this kind of scholarly publishing continues to flourish at the start of a new millennium, and it is even more profoundly to be hoped that these books acquire the wide readership that they deserve.' The Journal of The Royal Anthropological Institute
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