Getting Hooked: Rationality and Addiction

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Mai 2007



Essays offering a thorough discussion of the relationship between addiction and rationality.


Preface and acknowledgements; Contributors; 1. Introduction Jon Elster and Ole-Jorgen Skog; 2. Addiction and social interaction Karl Ove Moene; 3. Addiction, weakness of the will, and relapse Olav Gjelsvik; 4. The dangers of willpower George Ainslie; 5. The neurobiology of chemical addiction Eliot L. Gardner and James David; 6. To legalize or not to legalize: is that the question? Helge Waal; 7. Rationality, irrationality and addiction - notes on Becker's and Murphy's theory of addiction Ole-Jorgen Skog; 8. Gambling and addiction Jon Elster; 9. A visceral account of addiction George Loewenstein; 10. Epilogue: rationally coping with lapses from rationality Thomas Schelling; Index.


"This volume does a good job of exposing the complexity of the addiction problem. The varied approaches the different authors take in their attempts to explain addiction make it clear that there is no agreement on a model of addiction. This is not to say that this volume does not make considerable progress in shaping such a model. Anyone interested in studying the phenomenon of addiction will find tese essays very valuable." Ethics "...this is an excellent interdisciplinary book and I highly recommend it to those interested in finding an adequate explanation of the behavior of addicts." Metapsychology
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