Mass Politics and Culture in Democratizing Korea

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Mai 1999



This book offers a global account of Korea's place in the current third wave of democratization.


Part I. The Political System: 1. Uncertain dynamics of democratization 2. Human meaning of democratization; Part II. Average Citizens: 3. Commitment to democratic consolidation; 4. Citizen competence and participation; Part III. Representative Institutions: 5. Legislative assemblies; 6. Political parties; Part IV. Non-Western Roads to Democratization: 7. Consolidating nascent democracy; 8. Acquiring democratic orientations; 9. Korean democratization: problems and prospects.


'This is by far the best study in the literature of Korean democratization. It will be of value to a large global audience interested in democratic transitions.' Bruce Cumings, University of Chicago 'This is an exciting work, and quite the best study to date of the public opinion and political-cultural dimensions of the democratic transition and consolidation in Korea.' James Cotton, Australian Defence Force Academy 'This is an outstanding book on Korean democratization by one of the best authorities on Korean politics. Original, comprehensive, thorough, insightful, and extremely compelling, this book will easily constitute a must for anybody interested in democratic politics in Korea.' Sunhyuk Kim, University of Southern California, Los Angeles ' ... a valuable addition to the literature on democratisation. It can be read with interest by those who want to learn about Korea's political system.' Law Society Journal
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