Phonological Theory

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November 1999



This volume provides the most comprehensive and authoritative collection of the key readings in phonological theory. It is designed to complement the outstanding "Handbook of Phonological Theory, " this volume is ideal as a primary text for course use. It also represents an unparalleled work of reference for anyone interested in recent developments in linguistic theory.


Acknowledgments. Introduction: John Goldsmith. 1. From The Sound Pattern of English: Phonetic and Phonological Representation: Noam Chomsky and Morris Halle. 2. On the Role of Notation in Generative Phonology: James McCawley. 3. From Cyclic Phonology to Lexical Phonology: Paul Kiparsky. 4. The Cycle in Phonology: Stress in Palestinian, Maltese and Spanish: Michael Brame. 5. On Phonotactically Motivated Rules: Alan Sommerstein. 6. Harmonic Phonology: John Goldsmith. 7. Generalized Alignment: John McCarthy and Alan Prince. 8. An Overview of Autosegmental Phonology: John Goldsmith. 9. A Prosodic Theory of Nonconcatenative Morphology: John McCarthy. 10. From CV Phonology: A Generative Theory of the Syllable: G. N. Clements and S. J. Keyser. 11. The Geometry of Phonological Features: G. N. Clements. 12. Inalterability in CV Phonology: Bruce Hayes. 13. Prosodic Morphology: John McCarthy and Alan Prince. 14. On the Role of the Obligatory Contour Principle in Phonological Theory: David Odden. 15. Phonology with Tiers: Alan Prince. 16. Immediate Constituents of Mazateco Syllables: Kenneth and Eunice Pike. 17. Syllables: Elisabeth Selkirk. 18. Compensatory Lengthening in Moraic Phonology: Bruce Hayes. 19. Syllables: E. Fudge. 20. On Stress and Linguistic Rhythm: Mark Liberman and Alan Prince. 21. Relating to the Grid: Alan Prince. 22. Extrametricality and English Stress: Bruce Hayes. Index.


John A. Goldsmith is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Chicago. He is author of "Autosegmental and Metrical Phonology" (Blackwell, 1990) and editor of "The Handbook of Phonology" (Blackwell, 1995).


"John Goldsmith's Phonological Theory: The Essential Readings gathers together influential papers from the past thirty years that articulate the questions, critiques, problems, and proposals that have led up to and inform contemporary generative phonology. It can be sued to supplement most of the textbooks available today and will be a valuable resource for the student and professional alike." Michael Kenstowicz, MIT "This collection brings together some of the most significant and influential articles in the history of modern phonological theory. Taken together, these contributions, some of which are not otherwise easily accessible, provide an historical perspective for the specialist and student alike, as well as a comprehensive statement of the issues with which our field continues to be concerned." Larry M. Hyman, University of California at Berkeley "[many of the essays in Goldsmith's book] are classics of modern phonological theory. Goldsmith is surely right in his contention that they are much better read in their original form and we have to be grateful for their reproduction here." Geoffrey Finch, Times Higher Education Supplement "this volume should solidify McMahon's reputations a one of the most inisghtful linguistic theorists currently writing." Eugene Buckley, Department of Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania
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