Roman Britain

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Juni 1999



This incisive study charts the history of the Roman province of Britannia from the conquest of the first century AD through its heyday in the fourth century to the end of the Roman administration in the early fifth century.


Preface to the Third Edition. Preface to the Second Edition. Preface. 1. Discovery and the First Invasions. 2. Britain and the Britons. 3. The Claudian Triumph. 4. The Conquest of Lowland Britain. 5. Revolt and Conquest Renewed. 6. Britannia Perdomita. 7. The Frontier-Builders. 8. Propagator Imperii. 9. The Long Peace. 10. The Fourth-Century Diocese. 11. Nostro Diducta Britannia Mundo. Notes, Bibliographies and Ancient Sources. General Bibliography.


Malcolm Todd is Professor Emeritus at the University of Durham. He has been a Visiting Fellow at All Souls and Brasenose Colleges, Oxford and also Visiting Professor at the University of New York. He was previously a Senior Research fellow of the British Academy, and Editor of the journal "Britannia."


Review of the Previous Edition: "Malcolm Todd has written a very readable short history, with the needs of students in mind. For a concise account of the events and developments during the four centuries of Roman Britain, this book will be found both useful and stimulating." Times Literary Supplement
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