Descent from Glory: Four Generations of the John Adams Family

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April 1999



There has never been any doubt that the Adams family was America's first family in our politics and memory. This research-based and insightful book is a multigenerational biography of that family from the founder father John through the mordant writer Brooks.


"The history of my family is not a pleasant one..."
1. Beginnings
2. Growing Up
3. Courtships
4. Disappointments
5. Marriages
6. Quincy
7. Washington
8. Charles Francis
9. Satisfaction
10. Another Generation
11. London
12. Struggles
13. Tragedy
14. Memory
15. Charles
16. Henry
17. Brooks
18. Endings Postscript Sources Index


Paul C. Nagel is former Director of the Virginia Historical Society, a trustee of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, a cultural laureate of Virginia, and a contributing editor of American Heritage.


An intelligent, tactful, and spiritually generous chronicle of a dynasty that gave the United States two presidents...This volume might be called a gift of realism that can enhance our judgment of public men and their families. The New Yorker A magnificent book on four generations of Adamses, from John to Brooks. Nagel has written a great book because he captures the pathos of time's passage. The New York Times A finely crafted biographical study full of unostentatious but perceptive judgments and insights...should appeal to both professional historians and general readers alike. The American Historical Review
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