Pacific Rim Tourism

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November 1997



This book examines the tourism in all of the countries within or bordering the Pacific Ocean. It addresses trends, cultural and social issues, ecotourism and sustainable development, Pacific islands, economic and planning issues, and the future of tourism in the region. Written by experts from Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Fiji, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United States, the book is an important resource for students, researchers and professionals in tourism and economic development.


Part 1 Tourism trends: international and intraregional tourism demand in the Pacific Rim; tourism and regionalism; hotel and resort industry trends in Asia-Pacific; the outbound tourism cycle and the Asian Tourism Tigers. Part 2 Cultural and social issues: indigenization of tourism development; headhunters and longhouse adventures - marketing of Ilban culture in Sarawak, Borneo; the travel experience of cruisers; sustainable tourism and cultural attractions; sexual imagery in the marketing of Pacific tourism destinations. Part 3 Ecotourism and sustainable development: ecotourism in China; limits to ecotourism growth and sustainability - the Galapagos; perceptions of social and physical impacts upon New Zealand's back country environments. Part 4 Pacific Islands: globalization and tourism - some themes from Fiji; health advice to travellers to the Pacific Islands; sex tourism as work in New Zealand - a discussion with Kiwi prostitutes. Part 5 Economic and planning issues: some reflections on the implications of GATS for emerging tourism destinations; challenges to MICE tourism in the Asian-Pacific region.
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