Global Capitalism Versus Democracy: Socialist Register 1999

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März 1999



"Globalization" has come to define our age. Stock market fluctuations, the fortunes of political administrations, and conditions for working people -- all rise and fall with the tide of global capital flow.While recognizing that globalization must be taken seriously, the essays in this collection set out to challenge ideas that only serve to mystify globalization, notably the perception that the state is now irrelevant.A number of country and area studies examine the effects of increasing global pressures on particular economies, from Germany to Cuba, and from Latin America to East Asia. Other essays take up the consequences of globalization in particular spheres: international money, the media, and workplaces. And theoretical contributions discuss democracy, government, and economics in an epoch of global capital.The international list of contributors includes Boris Kagarlitsky, Sheila Rowbotham, and other distinguished writers on the left. Global Capitalism Versus Democracy will appeal to readers seeking a nuanced assessment of the world economy and geopolitics.

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