The Theology of John Donne

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August 1999



A study of the distinguishing features of Donne's theology, as revealed primarily in his extant sermons. The author also addresses a variety of his individual sermons in context as applications of his own theological vision.


Part 1 So steepy a place: St Dunstan-in-the-West; "Faciamus hominem"; "Regula fidei"; reason and the Trinity; "Vestigia Trinitatis"; Donne and Calvin; April 1629; Whitsuntide; unity v singularity. Part 2 To batter Heaven: Lincoln's Inn Chapel; the care and piety of the Church; prescribed by Thy Son; my particular necessities; fasting and prayer; "Devotions upon Emergent Occasions". Part 3 Through his own red glasse: Whitehall Palace; "Vae Idololatris, Vae Iconoclastis"; God's wardrobe; such "Glasses" and such "Images"; Hanworth, 1622; "Visionem Dei, Unionem". Part 4 Voice of the turtle: St Paul's Cross; "Aversio and Conversio"; the churching of women; "Baptismate Lachrymarum"; gold in the washes; "Vox Turturis". Part 5 O taste and see: Donne at Heidelberg; prevenient and subsequent; the root and fruit; the dew, and breath in the ayre; "Gustate & Videte".
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