Religion and Society in Modern Europe

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This book examines the relationship between religion and Society in Europe in the last 200 years.


Part I: The Heritage and the Break. 1. An All-Christian Europe. 2. The Tradition Regime. 3. The Breach. Part II: Permanent Facts. 4. 'The Religious Question' : Issues at Stake. 5. Opposing Forces and Traditions. 6. Rome and Papacy. 7. Religion and Nation. Two Universal Realities. Part III: The Liberal Era of Secularization. 8. From Confessional State to State Neutrality. 9. From the Liberal State to Separation. Part IV: The Second Era of Secularization. 10. Lasting Elements. 11. Factors of Renewal. 12. The Other Aspect of Secularization: The Churches' Independence. 13. An Amicable Secularization. 14. A Latent Secularization. 15. Today and Tommorrow. Bibliography. Suggestions for Further Reading (in English). Index.


Rene Remond is President of the National Foundation of Political Sciences and a member of the Acadmie Francaise. He has taught twentieth-century history, specializing in political, religious and social history, at the University of Paris-Nanterre and at the Institute of Political Studies, Paris.


"A lucid analysis in a small compass, centred around a convincing theme...The book stands as an elegant work of analysis and interpretation, organizing apparently disparate events into meaningful patterns, and constituting a definitive framework into which new work on contemporary religious history may be fitted." Times Literary Supplement "A valuable historical overview to how secularization has developed in two centuries of European history." Journal of Religion "Remond provides one of the most lucid accounts of the history of secularisation in modern Europe, and tells the story in such a lively and readable style." Muslim World Book Review
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