Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing

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Juli 1999



Statistical approaches to processing natural language text have becomedominant in recent years. This foundational text is the first comprehensiveintroduction to statistical natural language processing (NLP) to appear. The bookcontains all the theory and algorithms needed for building NLP tools. It providesbroad but rigorous coverage of mathematical and linguistic foundations, as well asdetailed discussion of statistical methods, allowing students and researchers toconstruct their own implementations. The book covers collocation finding, word sensedisambiguation, probabilistic parsing, information retrieval, and otherapplications.


"Statistical natural-language processing is, in my estimation, one ofthe most fast-moving and exciting areas of computer science thesedays. Anyone who wants to learn this field would be well advised toget this book. For that matter, the same goes for anyone who isalready in the field. I know that it is going to be one of the mostwell-thumbed books on my bookshelf." Eugene Charniak , Department of Computer Science, Brown University
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