At Home on the Earth: Becoming Native to Our Place: A Multicultural Anthology

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August 1999



Today's most important writers and thinkers address the issue of nature and the need for finding a sense of home and nativeness in relation to the land-- a major work in the ongoing discussion over the importance of simplicity and serenity in our frenetic age.


Preface Introduction, David Landis Barnhill PART ONE: LIVING IN PLACE Americans Native to this Land A First American Views His Land, N. Scott Momaday Landscape, History, and the Pueblo Imagination, Leslie Marmon Silko The Loss of Place from A Native Hill, Wendell Berry Touching the earth, bell hooks Shadows and Vistas, John Haines The Possibility of Place from A Native Hill, Wendell Berry Settliing Down, Scott Rissell Sanders from The Place, the Region, and the Commons, Gary Snyder The Hudon River Valley: A BioregionalStory, Thomas Berry Native Cultures and the Search for Place Becoming Metis, Melissa Nelson A Sprig of Sage, terry Tempest Williams The Gifts of Deer, Richard K. Nelson PART TWO: PLACE TO LIVE Homesteading from The Writer as Alaskan: Beginnings and Reflections, John Haines Ranching The Subtlety of the Land, Sharon Butala A Storm, the Cornfield, and Elk, Gretel Ehrlich The Smooth Skull of Winter, Gretel Ehrlich Farming Learning to Fail, David Mas Masumoto from A Country year: Living the Questions, Sue Hubbell Living Between City and Country On Willow Creek, Rick Bass Ceremonial Time, John Hanson Mitchell Into the Maze, Robert Finch Urban Living Water under American Ground: West 78th Street, Peter Sauer from This Place on Earth: Home and the Practice of Permanence, Alan Thein Durning Nothing Lasts a Hundred Years, Richard Rodriguez Fantsasy of a Living Future, Sarhawk Coda The Rediscovery of Turtle Island, Gary Snyder The Universe Responds: Or, How I Learned We Can Have Peace on Earth, Alice Walker Dwellings, Linda Hogan


David Landis Barnhill is Director of Environmental Studies and Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.
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