Supervisor 360-Degree Skill Assessment (S-360), 360 Skill Assessment Self

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November 1999



The Observer Assessment can be distributed to participants' coworkers, giving them a 360 degree view of their own job performance.
The 21st Century Supervisor will help you improve your skills in these areas and many more:
* Coaching
* Business Analysis
* Computer
* Project Management
* Resouce Management


"This book clearly identifies the skills our supervisors and managers will need to strengthen workteams and drive to further success. The 21st Century Supervisor is the first book our supervisors have really read and LIKED!" ----Gray Concord, , vice president and general manager, Koyo Corporation of America "The 21st Century Supervisor is the blueprint for leadership within any organization committed to continued improvement. It should be required reading for the company CEO, plant manager, team leader, and the front line supervisor." ----Robert L. Lewis, , operations manager, Lenawee County Road Commission "As a supervisor, I used to think I was just a professional task master and adult babysitter. The 21st Century Supervisor taught me how to be an active part of the quality and team process within my company." ----Gary Updegraff, , supervisor, Bagcroft Corporation of America "The 21st Century Manager is the tool I recommAnd with confidence. It provides a concise, to-the-point discussion of the skills that support successful supervision." ----Carol A. Benoit, , managing partner, Mackenzie and Company, Inc.
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