The New Cambridge Medieval History: Volume 3, C.900 C.1024

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The standard reference survey of Europe in the tenth and early eleventh centuries.


List of maps; List of plates; List of contributors; Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. Introduction Timothy Reuter; Part I. General Themes: 2. Rural economy and country life Robert Fossier; 3. Merchants, markets and towns Peter Johanek; 4. Rulers and government Janet Nelson; 5. The Church Rosamond McKitterick; 6. Monasticism Joachim Wollasch; 7. Intellectual life Claudio Leonardi; 8. Artists and patrons Henry Mayr-Harting; Part II: Post-Carolingian Europe: 9. The Ottonians as kings and queens Eckhard Muller-Mertens; 10. Saxony and the Elbe slavs in the tenth century Gerd Althoff; 11. Bavaria in the tenth and early eleventh centuries Herwig Wolfram; 12. Lotharingia Michel Parisse; 13. Burgundy and Provence, 879-1032 Constance Bouchard; 14. The kingdom of Italy Giuseppe Sergi; 15. West Francia: the kingdom Jean Dunbabin; 16. West Francia: the northern principalities David Bates; 17. West Francia: the southern principalities Michel Zimmermann; 18. England Simon Keynes; Part III. Non-Carolingian Europe: 19. European Russia, c. 500-c. 1050 Thomas Noonan; 20. Bohemia and Poland Jerzy Strzelczyk; 21. Hungary Kornel Bakay; 22. Byzantium in equlilibrium, 886-944 Jonathan Shepard; 23. Bulgaria: the other Balkan 'empire' Jonathan Shepard; 25. Byzantium and the west Jonathan Shepard; 26. Southern Italy in the tenth century Graham Loud; 27. Sicily and al-Andalus under Muslim rule Hugh Kennedy; 28. The Spanish kingdoms Roger Collins; Bibliographies; Indexes.


'There can be no doubt that this meticulously edited volume offers a very valuable synthesis of current research, and deserves careful study.' Journal of Ecclesiastical History
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