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Theorizes the role of translation in the circulation of ideas and meanings in a global economy through a number of China-related case studies.


CONTENTS List of illustrations; Acknowledgments IntroductionLydia H. Liu, University of California, Berkeley 1 The question of meaning-value in the political economy of the sign Lydia H. Liu, University of California, Berkeley Part I: Early encounters: the question of (in)commensurability 2. Translating the untranslatable: from copular to incommensurable worlds Roger Hart, Stanford University 3. Demystifying Qi: the politics of cultural translation and interpretation in the early Jesuit missions to China Qiong Zhang, 4. Always multiple translations or how the Chinese language lost its grammar Huan Saussy Part II: Colonial circulations: from international law to the global market 5. Legislating the universal: the circulation of international law in the nineteenth century Lydia H. Liu, University of California, Berkeley 6. Japan's engagement with international terms Alexis Dudden Eastwood, Connecticut College 7. Looting Beijing 1860, 1900 James Hevia, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 8. The gramaphone in China Andrew Jones, University of Washington Part III: Science, medicine and cultural pathologies 9. Handmaids to the Gospel: Lam Qua's medical portraiture Larissa Heinrich, University of California, Berkeley 10. Translating homosexuality: the discourse of "Tongxing Ai" in Republican China (1912-1949) Debbie T. L. Sang, University of Oregon 11. Translating psychiatry and mental health in twentieth-century China Nancy Chen, University of California, Santa Cruz Part IV: Language and the production of universal knowledge 12. The bathos of a universalism: I. A. Richards and his basic English in China Q. S. Tong, University of Hong Kong 13. Chinese "Revolution" in the syntax of world revolution Jianhua Chen, Harvard University 14. The question of culture in global English language teaching Wan Shun Eva Lam, University of California, Berkeley Glossary; Bibliography


Lydia H. Liu is Helmut F. Stern Professor of Chinese Studies and Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is the author of "Translingual Practice: Literature, National Culture, and Translated Modernity--China, 1900-1937."


"This impressive volume expands the metaphor of translation to encompass a broad spread of transcultural negotiations, thereby opening new possibilities for approaching the language and practices of East Asian modernities. The volume presents exemplary models for demonstrating the historicity of how concepts travel and become caught up within localized sign systems." - Ann Anagnost, author of National Past-Times: Narrative, Representation, and Power in Modern China
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