Land of Enchantment, Land of Conflict: New Mexico in English-Language Fiction

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August 1999



"Is New Mexico Truly the "Land of Enchantment, " or is it a land of acrimony, where opposing values, backgrounds, and political and economic interests give rise to an atmosphere of conflict? According to David L. Caffey, it is both, and both qualities contribute to the region's appeal as a source of raw material for works of fiction."--BOOK JACKET. "In Land of Enchantment, Land of Conflict, David L. Caffey identifies patterns in the observations of fiction writers concerning relations among cultural groups, attitudes toward the law, the erosion of individual freedom, and the social effects of weather and climate. Caffey also explores variations in historical and literary portrayals of famous New Mexicans and examines various myths concerning the frontier West and its heroes. He considers fiction of the atomic age and works by contemporary New Mexico writers as well."--BOOK JACKET.


David L. Caffey, vice president for instruction at Clovis Community College, Clovis, New Mexico, is the author of two books and editor of a collection of the Southwestern stories of Oliver La Farge. He has contributed articles on New Mexican literature to journals and to the "Encyclopedia of the American West."
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