Recent Reference Books in Religion: A Guide for Students, Scholars, Researchers, Buyers, & Readers

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April 1998



"Recent Reference Books in Religion provides incisive summaries and evaluations of more than 350 contemporary reference works on religious traditions ancient and modern that have been published in English, French and German. For maximum usefulness to readers, Professor Johnston has broadly defined religion to include not just the world religion of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism but also such alternative approaches as mythology, folklore, and the philosophy of ethics. Each entry, analyzing a particular work, includes full bibliographic details as well as commentary: outstanding articles and contributors are highlighted, strengths and weaknesses are carefully noted and weighed. Readers are directed to volumes whose strengths and weaknesses are carefully noted and weighed. Readers are directed to volumes whose strengths complement the weaknesses of others. An indispensable guide in any religious studies collection, "Recent Reference Books in Religion: 2nd Edition includes works published through the end of 1997. It also includes a Glossary that describes types and functions of refernce books, and five indexes: Titles, Authors, Topics, Persons and Places.


Preface Introduction 1: The Postmodern Revolution in Reference Books Introduction 2: Reference Books as Self-Teachers Glossary: Types and Functions of Reference Books DIRECTORY OF REFERENCE BOOKS IN RELIGIOUS STUDIES How to Use the Directory The World's Religions Alphabetical Reference Books Compendia Christianity General Ecumenism Biblical Studies Bible Dictionaries Bible Commentaries Handbooks of Interpretation Theology Nonconfessional Protestant Roman Catholic Spirituality Hagiography (Lives of Saints) Liturgy The Westminster/SCM Dictionaries Churches and Denominations Protestantism Roman Catholicism Lexicons and Compendia French Mega-encyclopedias Eastern Christianity Periods of Church History Surveys of the Papacy and National Churches Early Church (to 600/800) Medieval Church (313-1400) Early Modern Church (1400-1700) Modernity (since 1700) North America Other Prophetic Religions Judaism General Introductory Glossaries Islam General The Qur'an Asian Religions General South Asia General Mythology Philosophy Buddhism General Glossaries (Japanese) Alternative Approaches Mythology General Who's Who Regional Philosophy of Religion and Ethics Social Sciences of Religion General Sociology Psychology Folklore Appendix 1: Favorite Reference Books A Home library of Reference Books in English Preeminent Reference Books in French and German Reference Books Suitable for Browsing Illustrated Reference Books Reference Books on Women and Religion Appendix 2: Reference Books That Cry Out to Be Written Concerning a Particular Religion or Region Academic Disciplines Index of Titles Index of Authors Index of Topics Index of Persons Index of Places Addendum: Works Published During 1996 and 1997


'A guide that in several ways stands out from others. Its most remarkable quality is its uncanny mix of learning and enthusiasm. Johnston's book rests on a staggering amount of thorough, critical reading of hundreds of works, but the author's advocacy, and his unflagging conviction that reference sources are undiscovered, under-appreciated, neglected treasures, never fails him. The book is energised by a love for this literature ... Both as the premier selection guide for religion and theology, and to goad students and scholars into rediscovering the reference section in their libraries, Johnston's book is timely and welcome.' CHOICE
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