Zygmunt Bauman

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In this major new assessment of Zygmunt Bauman's work, Smith gives a clear introduction to this controversial and challenging sociologist.


Preface. Part I: Setting the Agenda: . 1. Living Without a Guidebook. 2. No Easy Choices. 3. Who is Zygmunt Bauman?. 4. The Power of the Past. Part II: The Road to Postmodernity: . 5. The Road to the West. 6. The Road to Utopia. 7. The Road to the Berlin Wall. 8. The Trilogy. 9. Baumana s Vision of Modernity and Postmodernity. Part III: Dialogue: . 10. Between Critical Theory and Post--Structuralism. The ambivalence of criticism. 11. A Correspondence between Zygmunt Bauman and Dennis Smith. First letter. Second letter. Third letter. Fourth letter. Fifth letter. Bibliography. Index.


Dennis Smith is Professor of Sociology at Loughborough University, and the author of many books, including The Rise of Historical Sociology (Polity Press, 1991)


a Dennis Smith has provided by far the most comprehensive, critical overview of perhaps the foremost theorist of postmodernity. By situating Baumana s ideas in relation to other contemporary theorists, Smitha s volume will be a wonderful text for both students and professors.a Steven Seidman, author of Contested Knowledge: Social theory in the postmodern era a This superb introduction to the thought of one of the leading contemporary social theorists is both comprehensive, entirely reliable and written in a clear and approachable manner. This is the book Baumana s many admirers have been waiting for, and it will undoubtedly swell their numbers.a William Outhwaite, University of Sussex a A very accessible introduction.a Choice a This book is both an introduction to the main themes of Baumana s work and an intellectual biography. Smith is clear, unpretentious, and unfailingly accurate, with a remarkably sound eye for what is significant and what is not, and for what will maintain the booka s narrative drive. As a guide for the perplexed or just plain curious it could hardly be bettered.a British Journal of Sociology a Dennis Smitha s book is part of Politya s series of Key Contemporary Thinkers, and on this evidence it is shaping up to be a worthwhile set of texts. He has not written a "Beginnera s Guide to Bauman", but rather an in--depth piece of work which includes some lengthy correspondence with Bauman.a Contemporary Politics
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