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"A significant contribution to the emergent field of 'New' Art History and Criticism. This study of signature and its effects generates a new approach to biography, by redefining it not as a compilation of historical details or facts, but rather as a system of production/reproduction, a signifying economy whose terms challenge the borders of literature and the visual arts."--Dalia Judovitz, author of "Dialectic and Narrative"


Louis Kaplan is Franz Rosenzweig Post-Doctoral Research Fellow for German-Jewish Literature and Cultural History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is author of "The Damned Universe of Charles Fort" and coauthor of "Gumby: The Authorized Biography of the World's Favorite Clayboy."


"This study addresses the question of how to write about the life and work of an artist after the 'death of the author' theorized in poststructuralism. I know of no other study that attempts to do with any figure what Kaplan has done with Moholy. It is a work of extraordinary originality and importance. A tour de force."--Gregory Ulmer, author of "Applied Grammatology" and "Heuretics"
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