Building Sustainable Peace: Conflict, Conciliation and Civil Society in Northern Ghana

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November 1999



"This report, commissioned by the Northern Ghana Inter-NGO Consortium, demonstrates how a network of NGOs, sharing skills and building up local capacities, can play an invaluable role in promoting a sustainable peace after conflict"--P. (4) of cover.


Acknowledgements; Acronyms and glossary; Executive summary: * Background to the conflict; * The impact of the conflict; * Immediate peace-keeping and humanitarian response; * The peace process; * Conclusion; * Summary of recommendations; 2. Introduction; 3. Background to the conflict; * Introduction; * Under-development and uneven development in Ghana; * Population and ethnic groups in the Northern Region; * Land, production, and settlement; * Governance; * Ethnicity and identity; * Conclusion; 4. The War and its Impact; * The conflict; * The impact; 5. Peace-Keeping and humanitarian relief and rehabilitaion; * Peace-keeping; * Government relief and rehabilitation programmes; * NGO relief and rehabilitation programmes; * NGO/government co-operation; 6. The Peace Process; * Government peace initiatives; * NGO initiatives; * Peace-awareness campaign; * the Kumasi Peace Agreement:issues addressed; * Peace projects initiatedby NGO's and religious bodies; * Relationship with the government; * Assessment of the situation and future prospects; 7. Conclusion; 8. Recommendations; * For the consortium; * For local government; * For traditional authority and civil-society leaders; * For central government; * For donors;


Ada Linde is Programme Development Officer at HealthNet TPO
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