Medieval Arab Cookery

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Readers of Claudia Roden's master works have long been aware of the continuities in Middle Eastern cookery; others have been tantalized by the influence of Islamic cooking on the medieval West., All will rejoice in this new gathering of papers and documents relating to medieval Arab food and cookery. Maxime Rodinson's contributions are legendary, yet have only been seen in translation in Petits Propos Culinaires. We include those already published there, together with the text of his longest paper, 'Recherches sur les documents Arabes relatifs a la cuisine, ' translated by Barbara Yeomans. Charles Perry has been entertaining participants at the Oxford Symposium with regular gleanings from his research into medieval Arab cookery, and several of his papers are gathered here, together with a new study of fish recipes, and other items previously published in PPC. Subjects include grain foods of the early Turks, rotted condiments, cooking pots, and Kitab al-Tibakhah, a 15th-century cookery book. English study of the subject was first encouraged by Professor Arberry's translation of the 13th-century cookery book Kitab al-Tabikh, published in 1939 in the periodical Islamic Culture. Readers will be pleased to have this more accessible copy, together with an introductory note and revision by Charles Perry.


Foreword - Claudia Roden A Baghdad Cookery Book (Kitab al-tabikh) - A.J. Arberry Studies in Arabic Manuscripts Relating to Cookery - Maxime Rodinson Romania and other Arabic Words in Italian - Maxime Rodinson Ma'muniyya East and West - Maxime Rodinson Venice, the Spice Trade and Eastern In.uences on European - Cooking Maxime Rodinson What to Order in Ninth-Century Baghdad - Charles Perry Elements of Arab Feasting - Charles Perry Couscous and its Cousins - Charles Perry Buran: Eleven Hundred Years in the History of a Dish - Charles Perry Notes on Persian Pasta - Charles Perry Shorba: A Linguistico-Chemico-Culinary Enquiry - Charles Perry Isfidhabaj, Blancmanger and no Almonds - Charles Perry The Wine Maqama - Charles Perry The Description of Familiar Foods (Kitab wasf al-at'ima al-mu'tada) - Charles Perry Introduction Concordance of recipes Text Appendix: The Ziyadat Kitab al-Tibakha: A Fifteenth-Century Cookbook - Charles Perry Medieval Arab Fish: Fresh, Dried and Dyed - Charles Perry A Thousand and One 'Fritters': The Food of The Arabian Nights - Charles Perry The sals of the Infidels - Charles Perry Index of Foreign Words General Index
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