Men in the Nursery

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Dezember 1999



Highly Commended (Third prize) in the Standing Conference on Studies in Education book prize for books published in 1999.
`It was a breath of fresh air to see 'contentious' issues dealt with in an enlightened and informative way. We are certain it will move the debate on years!' - Chrissie Meleady, Sheffield Childrens' Centre
`Looks most interesting and will certainly be very useful' - Bronwen Cohen, Director, Children in Scotland
`It's a challenging and exciting book and I hope it is widely used' - Margy Whalley, Director, Pen Green Research, Development and Training Base, Pen Green Centre for Under 5's and Their Families
`An extremely interesting account. This book highlights some very important tensions and contradictions about the role of men in childcare work. The differing perceptions of women and men concerning men's involvement in childcare are particularly thoughtfully documented' - Peter Aggleton, Director, Thomas Coram Research Unit, University of London
`An essential book for the debate on gender and childcare... the more academic childcare students will cope with it, will be good for Second year BTEC students, `A' Level students' - Robin Wright, Lecturer, Bournemouth and Poole College of Higher Education
`Having been a lone male worker, this book has stimulate discussion on gender and how we need to wrestle and value difference. For that reason alone its worth buying' - Practical Parenting


Childcare Work and Gender
An Introduction
Mapping and Sourcing
How Do Men and Women Come to Be Childcare Workers?
The Institution
Gendered Practice
Practice with Parents
Parents' Response to Men Childcare Workers
Child Protection and Equality
Dilemmas and Solutions
Men in the Nursery
Throwing Light on Gender in Caring Work


Claire Cameron is Reader in Education at the Thomas Coram Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London, UK. She has carried out research on children and young people, children's services and the children's workforce for over 20 years, with a particular interest in young people in institutional and marginalised circumstances and in care and education, and the interface between the two. She has a long-standing interest in European comparative research and was coordinator of the Young People from a Public Care Background: Pathways to Education in Europe (YiPPEE) study, funded by the European Commission's Framework Programme 7. Her interests also span the European professional of social pedagogy and what this may have to offer to professional practice with children and young people in the United Kingdom.


`This book will be interesting to anyone working in childcare and education settings. It raises questions about what we want childcare to provide and offers us ideas about the types of role models we are giving our children if we do not give them access to male childcare workers' - New Childhood
`Should men work in nurseries? Do they work differently from women? Isn't nursery work an extension of mothering and hence unsuitable for men? Do men provide positive roles for boys? Isn't there a danger that they will sexually abuse children? These are the questions this book asks. The authors dig and delve in a scholarly way [and] explore the findings of other researchers' - Children and Society
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