Teaching English Spelling

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"Teaching English Spelling", a resource book of supplementary activities for practicing common English spelling patterns, can be used with both first-language and foreign- and second-language learners at a variety of levels. A typical chapter focuses on a single phoneme and is then divided into three to five easy-to-follow lesson plans, each on a different letter for the target sound. 100 line diagrams. 30 exercises.


Introduction; 1; Vowel sounds; 2; The sound 'K'; 3; Single vowel followers; 4; The sound 'l'; 5; The sound 'A'; 6; The sound 'O'; 7; The sound 'U'; 8; The sound 'E'; 9; Soft and hard sounds; 10; Odds and ends; Recommended sources; Index


'Surely the most comprehensive collection of classroom activities for practising common spelling patterns. The variety of task types is impressive.' EL Gazette
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Untertitel: A Practical Guide. 'Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers'. 100 line figures 30 exercises. Sprache: Englisch.
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