Europe Divided: 1559 - 1598

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An introduction to an age of conflict. Taking account of political, economic and social developments, the author examines the lines of division in late 16th-century Europe: between a Protestant North and a Catholic South; between the rich economy of the West and the poverty of the agrarian East.


Part I: The Europe of Cateau-Cambresis: 1. The International Scene. 2. The European Economy. 3. The Problem of the State. Part II: 1559-1572: 4. Protestantism and Revolt. 5. Catholicism and Repression. 6. The War with Islam. Part III: 1572-1585: 7. Crisis in the North: 1572. 8. A Middle Way? 9. The Growth of Spanish Power. Part IV: 1585-1598: 10. The International Conflict. 11. The Discomfiture of Spain. 12. The Divided Continent. Maps. Genealogical Tables. Further Reading. Index.


John H. Elliott has lectured at the University of Cambridge, was Professor of history at King's College, London and at Princeton and Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford University. His previous publications include "The Revolt of the Catalans" (1963), "Imperial Spain 1469-1716" (1963), "The Old World the New 1492-1650" (1970), "Richelieu and Olivares" (1984) and "Spain and Its World 1500-1700" (1989). Most recently he has edited, with Laurence Brockliss, "The World of the Favourite" (1999), and he is currently engaged on a comparative study of British and Spanish colonization in the Americas.
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