On the Plaza

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April 2000



Friendly gossip, political rallies, outdoor concerts, drugs, shoeshines, and sex-for-sale--almost every aspect of Latin American life has its place and time in the public plaza. In this wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary study, Setha M. Low explores the interplay of space and culture in the plaza, showing how culture acts to shape public spaces and how the physical form of the plaza encodes the social and economic relations within its city. Low centers her study on two plazas in San Jose, Costa Rica, with comparisons to public plazas in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere. She interweaves ethnography, history, literature, and personal narrative to capture the ambiance and meaning of the plaza. She also uncovers the contradictory ethnohistories of the European and indigenous origins of the Latin American plaza and explains why the plaza is often a politically contested space.


Contents: Part One: Introduction; Notes from the Field: A Personal Account; Public Space and Culture: The Case of the Latin American Plaza Part Two: Histories: The History of the Plaza in San Jose, Costa Rica: The Political Symbolism of Public Space; The European History of the Plaza: The Contested Terrain of Architectural Representation; The Indigenous History of the Plaza: The Contested Terrain of Architectural Representation Part Three: Ethnographies: Spatializing Culture: The Social Production and Social Construction of Public Space; Constructing Difference: The Social and Spatial Boundaries of Everyday Life; Public Space and Protest: The Plaza as Art and Commodity Part Four: Conversations: The Park and the Plaza in Costa Rican Literature: Imagined Places; Conversations on the Plaza: Remembered Places; A Concluding Conversation on the Politics of Public Space


"This is one of the best accounts of a place's history and meaning I have ever read. Low's work should be widely used in courses in architecture, urban design, planning, landscape architecture, and historic preservation, as well as Latin American studies and anthropology. What a wonderful book!" Dolores Hayden, Professor of Architecture, Urbanism, and American Studies, Yale University "Combining ethnography, history, and spatial theory, this interdisciplinary book brings the Latin American plaza to life as a spatial expression of culture and politics. A paean to the plaza as democratic public space, it is as absorbing as it is unconventional." Neil Smith, Department of Geography and Center for the Critical Analysis of Contemporary Culture, Rutgers University
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